No credits, no subscriptions. Straight stock images at affordable prices!

Why Smagpie?

Smagpie was introduced in 2020 to fill a very specific need in the stock photography market. Most of the large stock photography agencies cater specifically to the professional photo buyer. These are organizations or employees of organizations that consume large amounts of images such as media outlets, large online publishers, graphic design organizations, etc. Most of these organizations carry subscriptions to one of more stock photography agency and are able to keep their cost per image very low.

We have decided to focus on image consumers who are like as. We hope to be attractive to small design companies, individual businesses working on a postcard, home users creating a birthday card. By offering images with straightforward pricing and purchase process, we know we can help individuals and organizations license professional content without long term commitment to always buy a certain threshold in order to get their money's worth.

We welcome your feedback on the website and the content at any time, please feel free to contact us.